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Pirate Tricks
We use Pioneer and Pirates as book game, method and attitude to empower people and organizations. Our Pirate creates tension and bothers us, hides, avoids, sabotages and accuses. Unwanted or hidden Pirate Tricks, repel customers, sabotage teamwork and weaken yourself. A Pioneer creates, plays, discovers, observes, moves forward and forgives. The pioneer is foundation for personal and business success.

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You can choose from 52 cards that inspire and motivate you through questions, insights, quotes, cartoons and exercises to make more sense of life and use your creativity to change. There are 4 main directions you can explore: Wisdom, Love, Space and Creation. You can journey by yourself or together with others (team, workshop, family).

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Playing-cards Create

Playing-cards Feel Love

Playing-cards Make Space

Playing-cards To be Wise

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