learning life skills

Education and healthcare lay the foundations for happiness and a healthy economy. New insights drive innovation. The Internet allows access to an unprecedented amount of information and solutions, wherever and whenever you want. Yet the focus of education has remained largely unchanged for the past hundred years. What can we change today?  


Good questions deserve new answers

How do we redefine the role of technology in addressing human needs? How do we grow and monitor the development of relationships and integrity/moral compass? How can we increase our ability to deal with rapid changes in society, economy and science? How can we help talent to flourish, and how can we prosper as regions or countries? What initiatives are advantageous for the individual and the collective, and how do we upscale that successfully?


Achieving change

Creative Power is eager to explore and achieve the best possible education for today: high tech and high tough. This can be started by you as a professional, led by an educational institution or driven by a group of organizations or government.